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Quality Above Ground Fibreglass Pools

Plunge Pool Factory owner Tom Salter has been in the fibreglass swimming pool manufacturing business since 1970. He has designed fibreglass pools for both wholesale and retail. Tom has spent time perfecting the installation of fibreglass pools, now Plunge Pool Factory can supply you with only the best above ground fibreglass pool.

All our Plunge Pool Factory pools come with 25 year structural warranty – because we are that confident in our new patent design; for the construction of fibreglass pools which is super strong compared to the conventional design. Get in contact with Tom today and secure your fibreglass order – 0459 421 920.

Above Ground Fibreglass Pools
Above Ground Fibreglass Pools
Above Ground Fibreglass Pools

Supplying Fibreglass Pools Throughout

Take advantage of buying direct and save. With our help and experience you can order a strong and long lasting fibreglass pool
that the whole family will love. The Plunge Pool Factory sells and delivers only the best fibreglass pools to all the states listed below.

The States we supply to:

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Why Choose Plunge Pool Factory?

Our fibreglass pools are available for sale to both residential and pool disputers within the states we supply.
Our pools are modern, compact and can be installed anywhere in your backyard.


Plunge Pool Factory is fully licenced and insured; on-site safety is extremely important to us. We operate under the Australian pool standards.


Our experienced and highly trained team are friendly, with high end customer service our number one priority.


You can always rest assured that there are no hidden costs when purchasing our pools. We offer price guarantees for all of our services so there are no surprises.

Why Choose an Above Ground Fibreglass Pool?

The Plunge Pool Factory are supplier of fully steel-reinforced above-ground fibreglass pools.
The weight of a 6M pool is only about 1100KG to 1200KG compared to a precast concrete pool which can be up to 18,000KG.
Precast concrete pools require a very large crane to lift the concrete pool over a house at a cost of possibly over $10,000.

Above Ground Fibreglass Pools
Plunge Pool Factory

New Patent Fibreglass Pool

What makes our pools better?

Normal Fibreglass pools are not designed with enough strength to support themselves once filled with water, they will crack once filled with water or give out after a period of time. Fibreglass pools need to have a backfill stabiliser and at installation, they require a concrete reinforced bond beam around the pool to stop the pool shell from moving.

The Plunge Pool Factory Patent Pool Design is strong enough to be installed without the need of any back-filling and it does not need to have the concrete reinforced bond beam or a concrete base. Because our Plunge pools are designed with such hardiness they save your costs at the installation period, plus our pools are lightweight and easy to install – in some cases they can be installed in one day. 

The weight of the patent design will only be about 1200 kg for a 6 M pool shell so there will be no heavy crane cost as compared to a pre-cast concrete plunge pool.

The installation can be carried out by a handy DIY person as the installation is quite simple and does not need a specialized licensed pool installer. The new patent design has a steel reinforced structure on the side and under the floor area designed for each model and size of the pool shell. 

The Overview:

Best Selling Fibreglass Pools

If you are interested in one of the following pools below please feel free to apply for a quote or contact
our friendly staff to place your order – or for any advice regarding fibreglass pools.


Length: 6.4m Width: 3.5m
Depth: 1.68m


Length: 7.4m Width: 3.5m
Depth: 1.72m


Length: 6.2m Width: 2.8m
Depth: 1.5m

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    Plunge Pool Factory

    5 Tick Certified Product

    What does the Australian Standards 5 tick certified product mean to you, the customer:

    There are clear and standardised procedures for each manufacturing stage of our Plunge Pool Factory pool shells.

    All materials supplied are rigidly controlled to meet performance specifications, there are no exceptions. This applies to gelcoat, resins, glass, reinforcing materials, additional fixtures and fittings. All of these materials are approved products for the manufacture of fibreglass swimming pools.

    Our manufacturing process is monitored at every step. From the beginning process of preparing the mould, through the full production, final detailing, inspection, storage and transport to the site. The operating conditions of the manufacturing facilities including temperature and humidity are closely monitored and adjusted accordingly.

    Once the pool is released from the mould, stringent and comprehensive testing is performed. The gelcoat finish and colour is visually inspected. The hardness of the surface is measured as well as the wall thickness to ensure durability.